Hello 2021: On the Mundane

I’ve always been a lover of the mundane. I think in some ways it’s the primary lens through which I view quality of life and happiness. This pervades a lot of how I have created my life day to day. Even my wardrobe is designed for quality but mundane things. When there’s an occasion to dress up, you likely won’t find me in sequins… I’ll put on a black dress that I would wear to school pickup and just throw a colorful scarf on top. Because to me, school pickup > fancy party. 

So this year I’ve noticed in a really acute way how small aspects of my daily life with my family can make an outsized impact on my mental well-being. That my husband now has time to get the kids dressed and fed in the morning. That I’m no longer feeling the weight of the long minutes that go by at the end of the day when I am expecting him to be getting home from work and he’s just not here yet. That I am getting dedicated help every month to deep clean the house. 

Yes, a big family trip would have certainly been amazing. A family reunion would have been great. But I have to acknowledge that these small advances and gains in the mundane aspects of my life have been incredible. I hope you all ask yourself this as we close out this year: What are some changes this year that actually improved your everyday life as a family and made you a better person? And how can you keep them in the new year?

I’m saying #bye2020 and #hello2021 with some of my most pressing thoughts for reflection and action.

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