It's 2022.

Hi friends,

I was about to write Happy New Year. But you know what, let’s not. For one, it's more than halfway through January. And for many, "happy" doesn't quite feel real these days. So how's this: May you all have a year that is yours and yours alone. One built, brick by brick, with the moments and people that you love and cherish, even the ones that are challenging.

The last year was a long pause for koko’s nest. We didn’t introduce much of anything new, I was personally going through a lot of pandemic and pandemic-adjacent “stuff”, and I needed some time and space away from this small but mighty brand I started as a new recovering-attorney mother living in Brooklyn.

This year is going to look and feel different. The knit blankets will continue on because, well, we could all use a little more coziness. And honestly, I still don’t think there’s a product out there that matches the quality, knit sustainably in the USA. FYI the holiday sale may be over, but we will be launching some new BLOC colors, and LINE throw blankets soon. So keep an eye out for an email in your inbox!

There will also be something new and more personal. I’ll be sharing with you some narratives, both my own and from other notable women, that are introspective about our motherhood experience. The goal is to have real conversations. There won’t be gloss, pomp, or circumstance. No superficial hyping machinery. Just the kind of thing you’d want to read or listen to holding a mug of hot (likely reheated) coffee, under a warm throw. I am also boldly putting this in writing to hold myself accountable.

So mark this email safe in your inbox, and I look forward to building this new year with you. 

With hope,


P.s. I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks (please share your favorites with me!) And so often, I hear a really insightful tidbit that I find has a unique application to life as a parent. So I’ll be sharing my thoughts and insights on Instagram. Here’s one take I’m constantly processing about *time*, from reading the book by Oliver Burkeman called Four Thousand Weeks.

There is no productivity hack for parenting. There is no way to gain time efficiency in our role as parents.

But there is a way to gain peace and to experience more joy: accept that raising a family takes time and space in our lives, and choose to surrender.

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