Introducing koko's mama squad

Our community on Instagram has grown to over 5000 and we had lots of inquiries into whether we would do a brand rep search. The concept felt a bit uncomfortable at first because it didn't feel organic. But we decided to do it our own way, with the express purpose of building and nurturing our broader community.

The response to our request for submissions was overwhelming! So many amazing mamas with incredible stories that we got to know. We thought we would be coming out with just one brand rep, but alas, we came out with THREE! So we hereby declare that koko's nest has a new mama squad and here is a brief intro, in their own words.

@anniebrynn_ | koko's nest brand rep


My name is Annie-Brynn, but people also call me Annie, Annie-B, A.B., and my new favorite title, momma b... I am married to my best friend since high school, and three months ago our daughter, Helen, joined the picture (gosh I can't believe it has been three months already!!). We call Washington state home -- Spokane to be exact -- and love it here in the Pacific Northwest! When I am not at work at the Children's hospital as a Registered Nurse, you will probably find me at home (unless its a gorgeous day, then I'll definitely be out with my family on a hike). I am a major homebody... and I am probably either doing some sort of hand-lettered work for a friend, watching The Office or Gilmore Girls, and cuddling my baby girl (or perusing IG if I am being real). I have a lot of creative pursuits -- one of them being doing hand-lettered work in a more professional setting as a free lance artist! Currently, I'm working up the courage to start a website to partner with my blog and really take myself more seriously... totally terrifying, but so exciting. Truth is, I long to be at home with my daughter all the time. While I am lucky and my schedule as a RN is quite flexible, as we look to grow our family, my heart longs to be a full-time mom. Plus, making pretty pieces for people brings me SO much joy -- to do it for a living would be an absolute dream.

While I am new to being a mom, I am loving learning what it means to mother Helen in a simple, holistic way. Motherhood is beautiful, terrifying, completely intoxicating, and the most genuine sense of purpose I have ever felt. GAH, bring on the tears.

My husband and I strive for a more minimalist, ethical lifestyle -- shopping local / small business, growing what food we can, replacing new with old, and eliminating the need for excess is very important to us! That brings me to finding koko's nest and wanting to be a brand rep. I LOVE the elegant, timeless designs of the blankets -- they are intentional, purposeful, and sooo lovely. I too found that when shopping for baby's clothes I was overwhelmed with too much pink, too many animals, and too many options! I can't even walk into babies 'r us without having a mini panic attack! haha. I was so encouraged to find so many wonderful shops on Instagram, mostly run by moms, that eliminated so many of the things I had seen in baby's clothes at major retailers. I have always felt that I would rather spend more money on a classic piece that will last a lifetime (and for numerous kids) than have more items that would eventually become waste. I have found such a beautiful community on Instagram centered around these values and I wanted to play a bigger part in it. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! 

[Update: in the days since she wrote this, Annie-Brynn actually started a site for her hand-lettering business! Check out her beautiful work pronto and send her some love]

@girlsfort | koko's nest brand rep 


I am so excited to be joining this team as a brand rep for koko's nest! I have a beautiful daughter who will be turning six years old in just a few shorts weeks, and I am currently 37 weeks pregnant with our second child = a boy! I have the world's best husband, and we live in Portland, Oregon. I was drawn to koko's nest because of the beautiful colors of the blankets and the organic feel of the brand. I am a huge sucker for cute baby things, but I tend to embrace natural fibers and classic pieces that will never go out of style - pieces that you can keep forever! 

I will be working towards my Masters in Teaching this fall, to finally achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a teacher. I love children --  and I love reading, writing, and investing in their little minds! I was a nanny while I finished my undergraduate, before and after I become a mom for the first time almost six years ago! I obviously keep myself busy, but I couldn't imagine it any other way! 

I can't wait to take photos and videos of my son wrapped up in his koko's nest blanket! Maybe in the future, I will get one for my daughter! She has been a bit jealous of all of his new things, but so excited to become a big sister nonetheless (she kisses my belly every morning and night!)

[BIG UPDATE: Since writing this, Andrea's son decided to make an unexpectedly early -- and grand -- arrival and he is absolute p e r f e c t i o n]

@theneuners | koko's nest brand rep


I'm Jessica and my boys are Noah who is 3 and Arlo who is just turned 1. By far the shortest year of my life! I am so excited to be a part of something as special as this. Motherhood can be lonely and I have found support through those Instagram squares. 

I'm stay-at-home Mama, and here's a bit of background on our family. My husband and I grew up in neighboring towns with tons of mutual friends, but somehow we never crossed paths. We finally met at a local dive bar while he was on leave from boot camp (he's a Marine). He had a few days left in town and we spent that time getting to know each other. After leave, he went back to North Carolina to finish training so I went to visit for a long weekend. After his graduation, he came home to surprise his sister at her graduation, but it turns out he came home to propose to me! Long story short, he was stationed in the California desert so I packed my bags and headed west. We got married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas at the drive up window, just us, no frills. It was all very fast (we don't even have a photo), but so right for us. Shortly thereafter, I became pregnant with our first, Noah, and he was born while Nick was deployed in Afghanistan. Once Nick came home, we spent the rest of his contract living in California. Nick was deployed once more and when he came home, I got pregnant with Arlo. They call that a "deployment baby" haha 🙈Flash forward to now and we are living back home in New York, close to both our families. Although we fell in love with the desert and long to move back.

Much like our whirlwind marriage, motherhood left my head spinning. I had no clue what I was in for when Noah joined our family, but now I couldn't imagine my life any other way. Being a mama is all I know now! Staying home with them is a gift, even if the days seem to never end. That brings me to Instagram. This little app introduced me to a different side of parenting. I learned through other like-minded women and I found the community I was searching for. Along with that came support and friendship! Watching other women succeed and accomplish things is empowering and encouraging. Any chance I get, I try to support these small, family-run businesses. I found koko's nest through this network and fell for the timeless look of your blankets. I am drawn to a simpler lifestyle and have been working towards downsizing so any thing that can be saved and passed down is perfect in my book!

And as I'm writing this, I have taken Arlo off the staircase 10 times, switched the laundry twice, and made 3 cups of chocolate milk... 



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