Introductions and re-introductions

Welcome (back) to koko's nest

We took a couple of weeks away for what can be likened to a "renovation and redesign". It's a critical process for a young company to take a breath, assess, reassess, and go back to the drawing board. In our case, it was a question of honing our raison d'être. We figured out our strongest points and doubled down; we figured out our biggest mistakes and fixed them.

koko's nest | modern heirloom baby blanket

To start, we wanted to tell our story as clearly as possible. As a new brand, Our Story is often the face of the company to our family of new and prospective customers. We decided to be simply transparent about our beginnings and our process -- tell our story as it is.

At the core, koko's nest is about bringing a little bit of simplicity to the hectic life of a modern family. It's about forgetting all the categories of blankets people tell you you should have for your baby (receiving blanket! swaddle blanket! stroller blanket!) and embracing function, versatility, and simple design. 

It's also about saying yes to some baby-inspired charm and color, while not losing sight of what we like as adults. (We don't believe something has to have animal prints to be baby friendly.) It's about believing that function is beauty and beauty is function. 

These are our guiding principles and we're more sure of ourselves than ever before. We hope you'll join our family and sign up for our newsletter for the latest news. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Photo by Leah Beilhart

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