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Documentary family photographer Nicole Sanchez: photography tips for a nesting family

There's nothing like having a baby to turn one into a photo-taking and -consuming machine. And soon enough, our phones are out of memory from photos, and we've booked photographers annually at Thanksgiving time for that picture-perfect holiday card for the family... But we could all use some pointers to reflect on what photos mean to us, now and in the future.  So this week, we've invited Nicole of Nicole Sanchez Photography to share with us some thoughts on family photography in the home.  Nicole Sanchez at home with her son, September 2016. Nicole is a documentary family photographer based in Northern Virginia. And when I first met her, I had no idea what "documentary family photography" was. But once I...

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Introducing koko's mama squad

Our community on Instagram has grown to over 5000 and we had lots of inquiries into whether we would do a brand rep search. The concept felt a bit uncomfortable at first because it didn't feel organic. But we decided to do it our own way, with the express purpose of building and nurturing our broader community. The response to our request for submissions was overwhelming! So many amazing mamas with incredible stories that we got to know. We thought we would be coming out with just one brand rep, but alas, we came out with THREE! So we hereby declare that koko's nest has a new mama squad and here is a brief intro, in their own words. Annie-Brynn...

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