I have some important news. I’ve decided to close koko’s nest. After 7 years, 4 babies, 2 moves, and many twists and turns, I’ve realized it’s time to close this chapter and make room for the next.

As many of you know, this brand has been my “business companion” as I navigated life as mother and caregiver. Soon after I left Big Law in NYC and welcomed our first child, I knew I wanted to be home caring for her, but I also knew I wanted a venture that would give me a lifeline to the outside world — a creative and challenging endeavor where I could build something of my own.

Out of our Brooklyn apartment, I started this brand not having a clue what “a brand” was, and certainly not understanding even the foundational principles of running and marketing a business. And over the years, it’s been quite a journey to learn and grow through this business — and with all of you.

To be honest, it took me many years to reach a point when I could be transparent about the fact that I operated this business purposely as a one-woman show, mostly during nap times. But from where I stand now, I see that that was precisely what was unique and formidable about this venture.

As women, we’re often looking outside of ourselves for a model of what we want to be and what we need to build. It took creating a business from the ground up, on my own terms, to learn that I am the only person who can create that model for myself. And koko’s nest has been an integral part of that journey.

But just as I can see that my four babies have grown and matured (much too quickly!), I can see that I am ready for the next chapter. More on that soon.

In the coming days, we will be running a sale on the remaining inventory (including new colors and restocks!).

Here are the deets:

All remaining inventory is now 10% off (no code needed). Whatever sells out is sold out for good. Gift messages and boxes are still available for all items (for now) so if you need it in a box please mark them as gifts as you add to cart. If you do not mark the order as a gift, you may receive the item in a poly bag. All items final sale.


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