About Us

When a baby arrives, a family is born. And through the process, we dream, plan, and nest... 

Nesting isn't merely a pregnancy phenomenon involving vigorously scrubbing the floor board with a fine toothbrush prior to a baby's arrival. I've done plenty of that, but there's so much more. In anticipation of a new baby, nesting inspires preparation in the mind, warmth and love in the heart, and boundless optimism in spirit.

While I was pregnant with my first baby, I was madly designing, creating and knitting unique, beautiful, and versatile items for her in varied colors and fibers... Pregnancy has the power to slow you down, and I had the luxury of time and head space to evaluate our modern lifestyle and consider what I wanted and actually needed for my baby. And the idea behind koko's nest was born -- modern design, heirloom quality, and intelligent versatility.

koko's nest is a contemporary collection of baby blankets and accessories in rich colors and fibers. The collection offers colorful essentials to live in everyday, as well as unique items to help celebrate those special occasions. We designed our items with not only the baby in mind, but also the family who will welcome that baby into the world -- think baby stuff that doesn't scream "BABY! BABY! BABY!"

Inside koko's nest you'll find the perfect gifts, as well as key items to add to your own family nest. 

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sy, founder